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eStoreMedia - The World's 1st eStore Shelf Automation Suite

Let online shoppers discover and love your Brand with

World's 1st eStore Shelf Automation Suite

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Who we are

eStoreMedia provides consumer product manufacturers with SaaS to maximize e‑commerce sales. It is the only integrated suite of eStore Shelf Analytics, Product Information Management and Al‑based research methodologies. Proven by Fortune 500 Brands. 

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What is included in our suite of products

eStore Shelf Automation

A suite of integrated apps that streamlines e-commerce and maximizes online sales.
Making e-commerce management fast and efficient so that you can win on the digital shelf.

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es-check es-icon-check

AI-empowered digital shelf analytics that guide and trigger sales improvement actions.

  • The widest range of metrics (200+) incl. advanced content tracking and full competitor analysis.

  • Superior data quality, speed of delivery and PIM integration.

  • Simplified and automated data maintenance processes.

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es-content es-icon-content

Your complete platform for e-commerce content management: creation, hosting and retail partner syndication (PIM).

  • Syndication across hundreds of stores worldwide.

  • Revolutionary, fast, mass content creation and e-Store visualization.

  • Search optimization.

  • Integration with eStoreCheck analytics for greater speed-to-action.

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esm-amznavigator-www amz-icon-arrow

Amazon brand analytics that provide an accurate, clear view and advanced depth of data.

  • Market share and competitive sales value.

  • Buybox, CRaP, 1P/3P and other Amazon‑specific metrics.

  • A+ (Premium) content monitoring.

  • Keyword intelligence incl. potential estimation.

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es-button es-icon-button

This ‘where to buy’ button helps visitors to your website find your product in online stores. Using eStoreCheck data, it ensures perfect product matching and availability.

  • Converts your brand's website visitors to shoppers.

  • Connects your consumers with preferred e-retailers.

  • Advanced analytics.

  • Easy set-up and 100% maintenance free for eStoreCheck users.

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Beyond e‑Commerce Research

Our advanced AI online data modelling methodologies empower you to sharpen your understanding of e‑shoppers and discover insights that go beyond e‑commerce.
Experience new research standards with tailored analytics that provide insights on brand health, the path to purchase, brand communication, market entry and even product development.

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es-journey es-icon-journey

Holistic analysis with actionable recommendations to understand and improve your consumers' online path to purchase. 

  • Discover and validate all category‑relevant search keywords in top search engines (Google, Bing or Yandex).

  • Identify and leverage top e-commerce players and third‑party influencers.

  • Optimize your brand’s digital presence across all stages of the shopper's path to purchase.

  • Prioritize digital media spend.

  • Benchmark your performance with competitors and make sure you win on coverage and sentiment.

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es-review es-icon-review

Empowers Brands to create product innovation that consumers love.

  • It leverages online reviews to back‑engineer the shopper decision process and discover the unexpected product drivers, insights and consumer language.

  • Access and analyse thousands of unprompted consumer reviews (post‑buy).

  • Our AI-powered content analysis reveals unexpected insights almost instantly.

  • Check brand health vs competition.

  • Ensure your product development and communications are relevant in every market.

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Why choose eStoreMedia

Using our profound understanding of the e-commerce world, ground-breaking technology and the passion of our experts, we develop integrated products that address and surpass brands’ needs.


eStoreMedia's fully-integrated eStore Shelf Automation Framework ensures online shoppers not only discover your brand but come to love it through every step of the path to purchase.


e-Commerce performance analytics, content creation and management, search optimization, Amazon expertize and proprietary research - each driving e-commerce growth while working together seamlessly.



"eStoreCheck actionable insights enabled Whirlpool to drive significant improvement in Digital Shelf performance across EMEA markets."

Utku Esseroglu
Commercial Excellence Market Manager @ Whirlpool EMEA

"Implementing eStoreCheck has allowed us to monitor the visibility, accuracy and completeness of Whirlpool products online, easily moving from insight to action."

Daine Haughton
Digital Content Manager @ Whirlpool UK

"Thanks to eStoreContent I was able to create and syndicate rich product cards to my key e-retailers, leading to a significant improvement in the brand experience of my customers when they shop online."

Dariusz Mitura
Ecommerce & Key Account Manager @ Nestlé
Logo_Bayer 80px-01

"The eStore platform has been a real ‘game changer’ in how we track our online capabilities. The dashboard, which is easy to navigate and visually friendly, is used by all of our account managers in daily work."

Oliver Tucker
eCommerce Channel Controller @ Bayer UK
logo-danone 80px

"eStoreCheck tool is extremely helpful in understanding the positions of our brands and showing areas on which we should focus. It is an invaluable source of information, helpful in analyzing the effectiveness of our activities."

Iwona Wojewódzka
Channel Development Manager @ Danone Poland

Complete cycle

Our suite of integrated SaaS products and services cover a complete cycle of brand presence in online stores. Our product ecosystem includes the leading e‑commerce analytics solution eStoreCheck™, the best in class online content management platform eStoreContent™, Amazon channel optimization package AMZNavigator™ as well as content and search optimization services.  Integrated end-to-end to build your eStore Shelf.


Validated Processes

eStoreMedia was founded by people with direct experience in e‑commerce, sales, technology and marketing for global brands. Our team has decades of industry knowledge and capability. We specifically work for product manufacturers, so all our processes are focused on helping brands take back control of how they perform and sell online. Our in‑house team of engineers, data quality experts, e‑merchandisers and Client Success teams work together with one goal in mind, helping your brand succeed online.


Unmatched Data quality

Our data is at the core of every service we provide. We believe our data is exceptional in its breadth and it is validated by product matching across online retailers. In order to maintain our high standards, we use a combination of AI and manual data quality checks. Our continuous and consistent approach to data quality means the world's leading brands can trust our insights to power positive, data‑driven, decision making.

Trusted by Leading Brands

We work with some of the world’s most-loved brands across a whole range of categories including beauty, food, toys, consumer electronics, health, personal care and pharma. Global manufacturers who use eStoreMedia products to boost e‑commerce performance include L’Oréal, Nestlé, Danone, Whirlpool, DeLonghi. Why not join them?

Lead the way in digital transformation

Our products and services are designed to support managers as they navigate e‑commerce channel strategies across the globe. We help you to handle the complexity of delivering multi‑country e‑commerce programs that align with centralized goals, while delivering local results across economically and culturally diverse markets.

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