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From the Experts in Digital Brand Intelligence & Execution for Consumer Goods Manufacturers.

eStoreMedia – e-Commerce Analytics & Rich Content Syndication. Integrated.

e-Commerce Analytics & Rich Content Syndication. Integrated.

The Best in e-Commerce Intelligence, and Content Management for Online Channel Growth. 

eStoreMedia™ provides product manufacturers with the complete solution for navigating the fast-growing e-commerce channel. Our goal is to expand the global e-commerce opportunity for trusted brands and consumers, by reducing complexity, and setting new standards in research, content management, and collaboration technologies.

Today, our e-commerce solution set consists of four integrated products that fit within a unified e-Commerce Perfect Store Framework. The products include leading research and e-commerce analytics solutions eStoreCheck™, eStoreJourney™ and eShopper Review Analysis™, and the best in class online content management and distribution platform eStoreContent™. Together they enable consumer products manufacturers to identify gaps, prioritize actions, and execute in the online channel, turning data, insights, and content into sustainable online channel sales growth.

eStoreCheckFull-category, scalable e-commerce performance analytics for global brands.

eStoreCheck is the leading e-commerce performance analytics solution for brands. It delivers complete category, same-day insights, and dynamic benchmarking across thousands of online retailers in the world’s largest e-commerce markets.

The leading e-commerce performance analytics solution for brands.

The solution enables product manufacturers to measure and improve critical e-commerce performance indicators and metrics, including Availability, Content, Price & Promotions, Search Performance, and Ratings & Reviews, delivering:

  • Actionable analytics and reporting, including our One Number Dashboard.
  • Full category, dynamic benchmarking, competitive trends, landscape audit.
  • Unmatched Scalability: 1000s of SKUs in 100s of online retailers, daily & intraday report updates.
  • Role-based access to match insights with key business processes, including reports & dashboards for local, regional and global markets.
  • Automated SKU matching for accurate cross-retailer benchmarking.  
  • Powered by AI to support the broadest range of eCommerce Performance metrics and e-content audit criteria.
  • Native eStoreContent integration to streamline and automate online channel gap-closing and content updates.

eStoreContent – The complete platform for e-commerce content creation, approval, hosting, management, & retail-partner syndication.  

eStoreContent enables brands to maximise the potential of their rich product content by streamlining and integrating end-to-end content creation, management, and distribution processes. Together with eStoreCheck it offers brands a single, unified solution for digital channel content, from creation to management, publishing, and performance measurement.

  • Streamlined workflows for rich content creation & management.
  • Syndication with full support for every relevant e‑store.
  • Ongoing audit and analysis of content implementation & impact.
  • Native eStoreCheck integration to identify, streamline and automate online channel gap-closing and content updates.

eStoreJourney – Map and understand your consumers’ online path-to- purchase.

eStoreJourney tracks your brand presence and analyses how effectively your products engage with consumers across key online shopper journey touch-points. Get insights on how to improve the chances of your brand being at the top of any shopper’s consideration set in a crowded online market.

  • Optimise consumer experience and identify content needs for your brands.
  • Prioritise digital media and marketing spend.
  • Identify third-party influencers & ‘SEO allies‘.

eShopper Review Analysis – Transform online ratings & review data and content into valuable, and actionable consumer insights.

Shopper Review Analysis is our tailored research solution that leverages our cutting-edge technologies to analyse e-commerce ratings and reviews, to identify consumer insights, define value drivers, and evaluate brand equity. Brands use the insights to dramatically improve marketing, R&D, customer service, influencer relations, and sales.

  • Get tangible insights to improve product and marketing communications.
  • Track, product launch and new product distribution performance.
  • Rapidly identify consumer sentiment and new competitive threats.

Integrated for eCommerce Perfect Store planning, design and execution

eStoreMedia provides the only fully integrated e-commerce strategy, performance measurement and content execution solution set for Fortune 500 brands. The individual SaaS products stem from the same code base, developed and supported by our in-house engineering team. As such eStoreMedia provides the only full category, globally-scalable, analytics, e-commerce research and content management product suit, designed to work as a single solution.

The products and services all sit within our e-Commerce Perfect Store framework. The integrated offering means product manufacturers can identify opportunities for improvement in the online channel, and rapidly execute to increase sales, and protect brand equity.

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