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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Incomplete e-Commerce Competitive Intelligence

Get the Full Picture: e-Commerce Intelligence needs full-category analysis to deliver complete, robust & accurate competitive insights.

eStoreMedia’s Lukasz Stebelski to Present at the Online & Digital Grocery Summit

How to adapt, localize and manage global tactics and sales fundamentals to requirements of diverse markets. 

e-Commerce Tool ecosystem: Integrated to Deliver end-to-end Performance

Seamless integration from e-commerce strategy, to content execution and performance measurement, is the Holy Grail for brands.

How e-Commerce Unifies Trade & Brand Marketing & What it Means for Your Team

Get the most from your e-commerce trade marketing to build brand awareness, and deliver online sales in one strategy.   

Every Day is Prime Day on Amazon According to eStoreMedia Analysis

Five-category, price and promotions study shows the number, and depth of typical Amazon discounts stand up to Prime Day promotions.

How to optimize your eCommerce content for Voice Search

As voice takes over from the keyboard & screen, what does it mean for brands’ e-commerce content plans?

6 Data Points for Rich Content, and Ratings & Reviews Prioritisation

How to prioritise the creation of rich product content for your brand’s assortment, to maximise limited e-commerce resources.

9 e-Commerce Perfect Store Content Planning Tips

How to create, manage, maintain and distribute high quality product content for the online channel.

4 Valuable Learnings from the Online & Digital Grocery Summit UK 2019

Translating data into action, integration, content and getting started emerge as themes at the UK Digital Grocery Summit

The 5 Step e-Commerce Perfect Store Model for Product Manufacturers

eStoreMedia e-Commerce Perfect Store Model; a framework to enable brands to succeed in the fast-growing online channel.

US Consumers still Rate Huawei Phones in spite of Government Backlash

eStoreMedia’s analysis shows Huawei brand benefiting from barrage of spying allegations in US.

eScore: e-Commerce Performance Benchmark, Makeup Brands in China

MaxFactor tops eScore ranking in February, but all brands underperform in e-commerce report for the Makeup category in China.

What Product Manufacturers Need to Know About e-Commerce Content Trends

Four e-commerce content trends worth adding to your online channel playbook over the next 12 months and beyond.

How to Win the Battle for Online Store Search & Digital Shelf Placement.

10 e-commerce channel and online store search performance tips for consumer product manufacturers.

New Market Entry – Remember There’s a Lot More to e-Commerce than Amazon

Amazon might be No.1 in US e-commerce, but how do brands pick the best online retail partner in other markets?

The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming an Outstanding e-Commerce Leader

Three Tips that will help you become your company’s most effective e-commerce manager, in 2019.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Track the Average Star-Rating of Your Brand

Brand owners who realize the impact star-ratings have on consumer purchase intention in their category, try to improve this area.

7 Reasons Why Total and Average Number of Reviews are Misleading

Brand owners who realize the impact reviews have on purchase intent in their category, try to improve this area.

eStoreVoice Preparing Brands for Voice Commerce

We are proud to announce launching new capabilities in voice commerce. Our eStoreVoice team is focused on supporting international brands with activities on voice devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana.

eStoreMedia Expands the Team

Joanna Grabek, Adam Puchalski, Filip Żok and Michał Stanowski, photo: Mikołaj Dakowicz

Amazons Black Friday Game

eStoreMedia takes a closer look at Amazons November discount sales and retailer pricing strategies

eStoreChecks OneNumber Dynamics - the Fitness Tracker, for Business

Few categories of products can escape the impact e-commerce has brought to retail. The fact is ? buying and selling online has become the fastest growing sub-channel of retail in the world.

E-commerce seems the only sales channel for the growth of your brand

Infographic: E-Commerce Drives FMCG Industry Growth in the U.S.

How to build your brand in e-commerce

We recently received a question from one of our clients (brands) operating a cosmetics business.

eStoreMedia expands cooperation with the Nestle Group!

eStoreMedia, a company specialising in managing and creating multimedia product content for e-commerce, develops cooperation with the Nestlé Group. After a successful rich content implementation for Purina brand in web-based sale services, also Nespresso decided to entrust eStoreMedia with the services in this area.