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eStoreButton - link consumers to preferred retailers to make your brand website instantly shoppable.

Link consumers to preferred retailers to make your brand website instantly shoppable.

With just one click your site's visitors can choose where they want to buy your product and we will guarantee it is available for purchase.

What it is

The eStoreButton is eStoreMedia's ‘where to buy’ technology, delivered as a module of eStoreCheck. Add eStoreButton to brand websites to leverage existing consumer purchase intent and steer them to online stores. eStoreButton helps simplify the path to purchase and point consumers to your marketplace of choice.

Guide purchase-ready shoppers directly to your products’ landing pages on your preferred e-retail sites.

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What you get

As eStoreButton leverages the availability data tracked within eStoreCheck your consumers will automatically be directed to online marketplaces where your product is in stock. Turn on eStoreButton to:

    • Sales-enable content on your brand websites.
    • Accelerate the consumer path to purchase.
    • Connect consumers directly to your product detail pages on partner sites.
    • Improve relationships with preferred retail partners.
    • Increase sales and track consumer engagement.

How it works

Implement eStoreButton on your brand website in an easy 2-step process to:

Drive Traffic to Online Partner Sites

Direct purchase-ready shoppers to partner e-commerce sites.
Develop value chain and deepen relationships with key online retailers.

Nurture Instant Purchase Opportunity

Connect shoppers to e-retailers depending on Availability and Price.
Prioritize sites with highest conversion potential, and superior e-commerce fundamentals.

Powerful Performance Analytics

Get eStoreButton analytics in your eStoreCheck dashboards.
Monitor views, clicks and traffic by e‑retailer to drive improvement.

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