How to leverage User Generated Content in Marketing & Product Development

Transform online ratings & review data and content into valuable and actionable consumer insights.

Online ratings & review data and content as consumer insights.

Shopper Review Analysis

Ratings and Reviews are a vital ingredient in the online shopping experience, influencing consumers and providing an outlet for shoppers who want to share their experience with your products or services. In the heat of the online sales cycle, where the focus is usually on generating and sharing more and more positive reviews, nuggets of insight hidden in this genuine consumer feedback often gets lost.

This is where Shopper Review Analysis steps in – the research solution leverages online shopper reviews to identify what consumers really feel about your products at a granular level. From this treasure-trove of unstructured consumer sentiment and feedback, Shopper Review Analysis delivers insight to:

  • Categorize key product strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Identify market gaps and opportunities.
  • Deliver action plans for product development and marketing teams.

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